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Greg Allen
Estate Agent

Licensing: DRE# 02013952
Greg Allen
Estate Agent

Licensing: DRE# 02013952

Greg Allen

Estate Agent

Greg is an Estate Agent with Craft & Bauer Real Estate Co. frequently serving clients who work in the Sports and Entertainment industries.  Prior to entering real estate, Greg was an elite basketball player who earned a full ride scholarship to play at the University of Southern California. Upon graduation from USC, Greg worked as an entrepreneur withinin the music industry as a manager and talent scout for Title 9 Productions, where he facilitated a number of entertainment deals for A-List celebrities and artists.


Greg’s first deal was in the sale of legendary USC Coach and NFL Championship winner Pete Carroll’s multi-million-dollar house in Rolling Hills.  Greg helped achieve a sales price $600,000 higher than asking.  Greg is also proud to have helped one of his clients relocate from Florida to San Pedro, where he found an ocean view condo for $345,000 conveniently located within 10 minutes of his client’s work location – a feat they didn’t believe could be achieved.


Greg’s favorite part of the buying and selling process lies in the negotiation.  He loves that every transaction is unique and enjoys working through the process of negotiations to seal the deal.


“Whatever it takes” is the type of mentality and work ethic Greg brings to all of his clients. Whether they are first time homebuyers looking for their dream home or his celebrity and athlete clients looking for temporary housing for special circumstances, Greg truly goes above and beyond ensuring each and every client is served to the best of his ability.


His philosophy is simple- “I go the extra mile for my clients. Where there is no way, I will find one.” He prides himself not only on ensuring his client’s needs are met, but also building lasting long-term relationships with them.

Greg is passionate about real estate, specifically within the Los Angeles area. Due to the city’s dynamic culture and consistent gentrifying efforts, he believes the opportunities are endless for home buyers and investors.

Greg enjoys spending quality time with his friends and family, attending events where creative and artistic talents are showcased. He also enjoys reading books that broaden his real estate knowledge and those that centralize on self- growth.






119 N. Fairfax Ave. #321
Los Angeles, CA 90212





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Kanye West, Wallace E. Cunningham, Frank Gehry Forward thinking & out of the box structures that create a positive impact or emotion with creative design & futuristic curvature. St. Jude Children's Hospital, Feed 2 Succeed, Boys & Girls Club of the Redwoods Boa SteakhouseSunset Beach Soho House West Hollywood & Malibu

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